You can use the trending function to enter, record and graph your water quality results.

Data Entry

Enter your results here. Enter the date the sample was collected (not when it was tested). Enter the name of the water source you are measuring (e.g. Borehole 3, lower stream or west well), or select from the water source names on the list. Once you have submitted your data, the tool will remember this name the next time, and you can select it from the list. Select the bacterial test you have results for and then enter the test result in cfu/g. Click “add more” to add more test results. Once you have added all your data, click “submit added data” to record all your results.

Data Table

You can use this function to look at all the results you have entered. You can check for any mistakes here and select any records that are wrong and delete them.

Data Graph

Here you can draw your results in a graph to allow you to see what trends there are in your data. Choose the start and end dates you are interested in, the indicator organism and the water source. Then “Click to update graph” to see your results plotted in a graph. 

Why do you need to record and trend your water microbiological quality results?